Conveyor temp and time

I just bought a 32" conveyor and would like too hear what times and temperatures you guys are using. with a new york style 18" pie that i am doing. thanks for any help

old MM 360 7.5 min/450-460 on a dark metal disk from

what kind of oven do you have? what brand rather… generally you want to start out at around 435 degrees and start the belt time at 8 minutes, adjust the time on the belt in 10 second incraments until you get the bake you want. with conveyors the temperature mostly controls the color of the crust and the belt time mostly controls the doness of the pizza.

Old MM 360 set at 7 minutes @ 258 Celsius baking on screens.

Great cook result but being in OZ don’t know about NY style.


I do a NY style with Lincoln’s --485-490 at 6 minutes. Nice bake but I should probably go a little longer and lower the temp for a slightly better bake but I like the speed.

Hello Primo,We do 18’’ NY style crusts in our Lincolns @500’-6min. on black anodized non stick screens from Pizzatools which made all the difference.Also you need to learn how to adjust your fingers in your oven for diff.time and temps.


thanks everybody, that gives me a great place to start. i have a tech going to get things set up, just want my pizza to still be the best in town, dbl deck’s cant keep up anymore with volume and have to room to add another so i had to buy the conveyor. i think business is good when business’s come to us after trying the big 4 in town and we got all these new accounts taken from them. again thanks everybody. K

Goomba, do you use a Qmatic? we do and we use the anodized pans, man they cook a great pie. Probably the best pizza you’re gonna get out of a conveyor.

:twisted: after tech get some hood rats to move it for you and pay them with the trial pizza’s-------

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This is a hard question to answer without knowing the brand and model of the oven in question. Another question that begs to be asked is; do you know what the finger configuration is if this is an air impingement oven?
I’ve been doing a lot of work on hearth baking profiles in the air impingement ovens lately. If you have a Middleby-Marshall or Lincoln air impingement oven, a good finger profile to start with is full opan across the bottom and open across thew top with just the last finger closed.
Set the temperature at 485 to 500F (you will need to experiment a little with temperature) and baking time at 6-minutes (again, you will need to experiment a little). Formulate your dough without any sugar, milk, whey or eggs as they will cause the dough to color up too fast. Bake your pizzas on the new, Hearth-Bake Disks from Llody pans. These are a new product that are designed specifically to give a New York type of bake. We domo’d these pand at the NAPIC Show in February and we had people convinced that the pizzas were baked in a deck oven. Actually, we used one of the new, Lincoln Fast Bake ovens. If you’re into a hearth bake and haven’t yet tries these disks, you’ve got to give them a try, they are far superior to the regular perforated disks, and they’re light years better than a screen.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

MM 6 min. @ 521 degrees.

Wow. I’m using MM 360’s too, if I had mine set to 521 for 6 minutes my pizza would be toast.

6 mins 480 for me - using black anodized pans.

td - what sort of finger configuration are you using?