Conveyor Time and Temp?

Just curious what other conveyor guys have their time and temps set at? I’d rather it take a couple more mins and have a crisp pie than as fast as possible with an average pie myself. My only issue with a long bake time is the cheese getting too brown on cheese pizzas.

What oven do you have? We use different settings depending on the oven.

XLT = 6min 30 seconds 475 degrees
Middleby PS555 6 min and 480 degrees
Middleby WOW 5 min and 500 degrees

Also what is your finger configuration? We, as many of the Think Tankers also use, full open on the bottom with open ends on the top.

What make and model ovens are you using?
George Mills

MM 360 7 mins 475. Same configuration. Not asking for advice really, just curious what others have theirs set at.

MM not sure on the model tho, 7 min bake and depending on which deck around 460F

Weve got a lincoln impinger.Top deck is 5:35 at 425. bottom deck is set at 450 at the same time.

And let’s also add the altitude you’re at and if your oven is gas or electric. To some extent the type and color of your baking platform will also impact your baking time and temperature, and then there is the dough formulation, sugar, eggs or milk in the formulation will effectively shorten the baking time and might also force you to bake at a lower temperature (not good if you are trying to get the crispiest crust possible.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

Edge 60’s. 440 degrees for 6:15

MM Super 70, 7000 above sea level. 7 minutes.

Edge60 505 degrees 7:30min

6,200 elevation, MM 540, 535 degrees for 6:20