Conveyor to a deck oven

Anyone here had experience switching their dough for a conveyor to a deck oven? I’m wondering what dough tweaks you’d consider right way, if any.

I’m driving three hours to test a deck oven and am happy to make multiple versions on my dough.

I could also be overthinking this!

Usually it’s deck oven going to conveyor, why the switch?

This is for an additional location with existing equipment and hood size restrictions.

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I’m certainly not in expert in deck ovens, but you may need to go with a different flour like a 00 Caputo that, I believe, is made for baking at higher temps.

I just went from deck to conveyor.

Im pretty sure you will be able to use the same dough without issue.

If you were going from a conveyor to a wood fired 900 degree oven that cooks in 2 minutes instead of 7 minutes then you would definitely need a change

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There probably wouldn’t be much difference if you planned on continuing to cook on a screen. Your conveyor oven is probably set in the mid 400s and deck ovens usually operate around 550. I have used a variety of both. What type of deck oven is in the unit?