Conveyor vs. conventional oven bake? I am cofused.

I am experimenting & learning to make pizza while we are building the pizza shop. I have coocked same exact pizza at home & in the conveyor impinger oven. Same pizza at home has more uniform coock, has almost same crust thickness throught. even in the middle.
When coocked in conveyor oven, outer rim is risen thick/fat but under the toppings, the crust is much thinner. seems more wetter/soggier than home baked. though I checked at the pizzaria I am learning from, their product is similar to the one I coocked in my Conveyor, them & their customers r very happy with the product they put out.
Conventional wisdom suggests that I should shut up & follow my friends and do what they are so successfull with. But since I coocked at home, I got this bug creeping in my brain that I need to satisfy.
Yor opinions please!
Coocked at home 445F for 12 min.
At conveyor 450F for 8 min.

You need to play with your time and temp combination for the conveyor. You will get a different result depending on your settings plus each conveyor oven is different. Even if the ovens are the same make and model they will cook differently. I have found even where you place the pizza on the belt can make a difference in how the pizza cooks.