of those that use a conveyor what brands have you used and which do you think is the best

i have used mbm, lincoln, wolf(the original XLT) am looking at upgrading soon cuurently using lincoln 1600 & 1132

Dennis take another trip to Florida and see my Edge ovens. You’ll be sold, I’m certain of it.

Hi The Fat Boy

May I ask, do you intend to use ether the 1600 or the 1132 or were you intending to use a 1600 with the 1132 on top of it?

George Mills

probabley already been addressed here in the forum, but was is the approx.
cost of the Edge ovens.

Depends on the size, but I think they’re in the 10-12K per deck range.

Hi Fat Boy:

I was waiting to see what responses you got from users as you asked for their opinions.

As you possibly know I do not use equipment I sell It.

Just a couple of comments. If you had a Wolf oven the new XLT models are Vastly improved. So much so that they have found they can offer 5 year warranties.

Most of the good air impingement ovens XLT, Lincoln, Middleby, Edge produce excellent pizzas. They all have basically the same production capacity and much lower operating costs than ovens being produced just a few years ago.

I think the final decision I would think is, which oven is the lowest cost, and has the best warranty.

George Mills

thanks everyone

Lowest Cost…XLT
Best Warranty…5 Years…XLT

I have to put out 7 30" Monster Pizzas for lunch today…they were all topped and in the box by 30 mins.

XLT 3870 hans down.

I have a double stack of xlt 3870’s with a blodgett 3870 on top. The xlt’s put out a ton of heat, I believe it is the fan size and speed that cause this. I took the back off my xlt oven to find two fans that are huge that circulate the air… Not only do these fans push way to much heat out the ends of the ovens but also produce alot more noise than needed in the kitchen. I haven’t found the bake to be any better than the blodgett oven. However, if using a triple stack of xlt’s the top oven is much easier to manage as it is about 5-6 inches shorter than the blodgetts. Also, the xlts are 10 times easier to clean than any oven I have used, you just take off the door that is mounted to the side of the oven and remove all the debree with in 30 minutes. You do not have to remove the belt to clean these ovens. I like the dimensions of the ovens and the ease of cleaning. The bake in my opinion is not superior to my blodgetts, but the noise and amount of heat escaping the oven is less than desirable.

The New Models Throw less heat and have the new quiet fire technology. XLT also now offers a hood. Most hoods are not designed properly for these ovens.