Conveyors & Pizza by the Slice

sorry for another post…can you tell I am having separation anxiety from my pending divorce from decks?

How do you guys handle pizza by the slice when you have only conveyors? Do you guys have a separate electric type oven or do you use the window?


We use the window and have a mark above the window where slices are meant to go in the oven.

thanks for the reply…just curious what bake times you run…i always thought that using the window would burn the slices with my 7min bake unless we cook our slice pies less

We use Hatco warmers. We put fully cooked pies in the warmers and serve slices from there. No sticking back in the oven! Pies stay in great shape for serving for about 40 minutes.

Sorry! Ive been meaning to ask this how do you guys toast subs with only a conveyor??

we have a separate line for all our non-pizza items…we know use electric countertop CADCO convection ovens from RD

Our subs go into the window half way through the top deck. Every conveyor oven ive seen has a handled window halfway through the top deck for subs popping bubbs etc…

We use an electric tabletop Bakers Pride deck oven to reheat slices and toast our subs by running through the conveyor and pulling out half way through the window.

Most all our clients use the window for heating both slces and subs

George Mills

For slices we push the pie in the oven so it is not fully baked, then for serving we place on a paddle and push it in the end of the oven till the crust gets crunchy–1 to 2 minutes. for subs we put in the window at the 1/2 way mark, for subs that we just need to melt the cheese, we just push in the end of the oven.

On the conveyors this is where the finger configuration comes in to play also, I have a Lincoln, and the last upper finger is fully open and the one prior to that is closed.