Cook and chop your own bacon

Anyone out there cooking and chopping there own bacon? Most precooked is far to well done so I buy pretty expensive bacon precooked and crumpled now, but it’s expensive. So is a Buffalo Chopper. Any alternatives people have figured out without being too labor intensive?

With cheap raw layout bacon being around $4lb than after cooking it and losing over 50% your cost ends up being over $9lb.
I would buy a bacon topping you like enough I get patrick cudahy 10lb case for $51.
Everything else seems like bad idea


I’m paying $74 for that Patrick cudahy

I’m paying $64 today

I bought 15 cases bc im pretty sure its going to skyrocket.

I also use a precooked cudahy product called clubhouse bacon. Its a precooked bacon strip thats sold by weight not by slice. Its a fantastic product. They were having issues for awhile last month so I had to cook my own…made a big mess, added to the list of things needing to preped, and cost nearly $10lb after everything.
Clubhouse bacon did go up in price from $58/10lbs to $75/10lbs

I use the hormel bacon topping, it works great. I tried doing my own and after the loss from cooking the redone product is a good deal.

We cook our own, use ends and pieces from Smiths. Currently Running about $1.80lb. Chop it in my VCM . Been doing this for years turns out great and saves $$. We loose about 35/40% cooking it.

Ends and pieces are irregular cuts that can’t be sold as lay bacon.

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Sams club has a good option and pricing is decent $55 / 10 lb, this is cooked and chopped ready to use