Cookie dough

I sell Sweet Street cookies.

I want to try baking cookies fresh, can anyone tell me a good specific brand and variation of a chocolate chip cookie?

Im looking at Davids or Otis Spunkmeyer

Rich’s XXLs FTW!

It seems silly to make them yourself when you can go from freezer to oven & have perfect cookies every time.

Sweet Street is crazy expensive. Have you tried contacting a local bakery to make your cookie dough for you? They’ll even portion it for you to save you time for the same cost. The local bakery I went with does the same size cookie doughs for 1/3 of the price and it’s not only a better product but you can advertise that you sourced them locally as well.

Sweet Street is expensive but their cookies sell better than other thaw and serve cookies ive used, I buy thaw and serve cookies from them along with rice krispie treats.

I want to buy pre formed frozen cookie dough for ease of operations while still having a fresh baked product. Id like to know what brands others are buying. Also any tips on baking them.

This is exactly what the local bakery does for my spot. Pick a few and give them a call or go in person to discuss. Better product, fresher product, and sourced locally all while be much much less expensive. I get 6 oz frozen cookie dough portions for Skillet Cookie desserts. We sell quite a bit of those alone and takes 3 mins in the oven to warm up!

Riche’s are great! i get the 1.5oz at the depot they are cheaper (not by much) and way way better than David’s chocolate chunk. we sell and eat a ton of them.

If your customers are used to sweet street, then switching to davids is not going to work. When I eat Davids I can taste all the chemicals. I dont see Riche’s at the depot.

I can totally taste the chemicals in david’s cookies! Thanks for bringing this up. They are very artificial tasting.

If your depot doesn’t stock them ask the guys in the office to look into it. They are usually open to new products. I have 2 in my area, one stocks them and one does not.

We use Best Made Homestyle cookie dough, they have an economy line as well but the homestyle cookies are on the same level as Rich’s which we have used some of as well

No Richs cookie dough from any of my purveyors including Depot.
You guys have me really wanting to try it.

Any tips on baking them?
I have a cookie oven coming in from Amazon tomorrow.

Should I just follow the box directions?
(I ordered a box of Otis Spunkmeyers from Sysco)

we make scratch made choc chip cookies breaking real eggs, butter, pure vanilla extract. They mix in our 60 quart Hobart and it takes me about 10 minutes to make a batch that lasts a week in the cooler and about 15 minutes to bake per batch. We sell 1 oz cookies for $1 and a 12oz container of raw cookie dough for $12. People go on and on how they taste better than any bakery or gourmet premade cookie and we sell out most days. Homemade is cheaper and better. Walter

@smiling with hope Walter, you have the right idea! cookie dough is easy to make and freezes well. I’m sure they are way better than anything from the distributors. I just don’t have the time…maybe one day when I have a smaller menu.

I hear you. It is a challenge to say “no we don’t have that here” to customers but I work on the - develop your audience to what you want to do. We have scaled down our dinner menu to just large pizza, salad, cookie, cannoli. It made my life 500 times easier and we are just as busy. Lunch is not as busy so we still offer on top of the dinner menu small pies, calzones, Sicilians, but that will change to the dinner menu if lunch gets any busier. My mother is from Italy and her family was in the food business. She always says - make one thing right and they will line up out the door. Make a bunch of stuff 1/2 way and you compete with everyone else. It is funny to watch people pick up our menu and immediately turn it over looking for more options. We don’t have ice or a soda machine either. Just canned/bottled drinks. Doing just this simple menu keeps me as busy as I want to be.

We do the same, but it takes us about 2 hours. What am I missing? Mixing doesn’t take long, but portioning takes forever. How are you portioning?

Are you guys using your regular pizza flour to make cookies, or are you purchasing a lower gluten one?

What about baking a giant sheet pan cookie, cut into squares, and then package?

I’m using my pizza flour and they come out great!