Cookie Help!

I would like to sell cookies as I see alot of places around here doing it and they tell me its worth it.
I bought a used otis spunkmeyer oven off ebay- tottal waste of money. It didnt cook evenly.
So then I bought a new small convection oven its great.
Im buying 3oz cookies from Chippery. They come in frozen pucks, the directions say cook from frozen but if I follow the instructions on the box the cookies come out greasy and raw in the middle and burnt on the edges.
Im looking for a soft cookie thats cooked through. I know it can be done bc a place across town is buying the exact cookie I buy(same salesman).

Can someone tell me what to do?
Am I supposed to let them thaw in the fridge overnight? What time and temp do I cook these cookies at!

lower your oven temperature, bake them longer.
Other than that, the color and material of the pan you are baking on can affect that too. I prefer blackened steel over aluminum

Thanks Im at 315 for 13 minutes now.
Using aluminum 1/4 sheet pans.
Should I cook from frozen or thawed

we make our own and they blow away the ready to bake ones. They sell like crazy @ 75 cents for a 1 oz scooper (purple handle). Walter

We bake ours from frozen. I think you should use a different size pan. We bake on bun pans (full size) 325 for 9 minutes.

Follow the instructions for the product. If they are telling you to cook from frozen then that is what you should do. Adjust temp and cook time to get the bake the way you want it. We made cookies from frozen pucks like you describe daily for 10 years at our slice location. Once you have the oven settings correct for the product you are using and your oven they will come out right every time.

You will probably want to allow the cookies to cool on the hot pan if you are not already doing so, the latent heat in the pan provides additional baking and this is usually considered to be part of the total baking time for cookies. So bake for X-minutes, allow to cool on the baking sheet.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks doods,
Im going to tinker with it… By the time I get them perfect Its going to take my like 1000 cookies sold before I see any profit lol

Once again GotRocks got what I was after.
Lowered it to 275(I have an in oven thermomter) from frozen(Thanks Bodega) 20 minutes comes out just the way I wanted them to