Cookies in Conveyor Oven

Anyone making chocolate chip cookies from scratch and cooking them in their conveyor with success? If so, please let me know how you do it. Curious to give it a go but any tips can help in the R&D process! Thanks!

I tried this but was unsuccessful it’s too much air blowing on the cookies and drying them out. I do recall the dough Dr recommending some type of little oven specifically for baking cookies I just don’t remember the name but there is a thread about cookies in the conveyer on a previous thread.

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If you are using frozen dough, your supplier should be able to give you tips and/or a specific recipe for your baking arrangements…You for sure will need a much lover temperature than for pizza…

Sometimes I’ll do a pan over the cookies or similar to block the air and reduce the heat.

Have done with frozen cookie dough. Works great using the instructions for convection ovens. Needed to fool around with the bake time to get them the way I like them. We ended up at the higher end of the suggested bake time but I would guess that varies by oven.

And don’t forget your altitude :wink:

We cook pillsbury cookies in our oven (460 degrees on a 8 minute cycle). We cook them raw, in a skillet and throw them in the oven so they only cook for about 6 minutes.