cookies? on a quiet day...

I , as much as any other operator hate the sight of an empty oven, burning gas with drivers folding leaflets and instore cleaning the same thing again and again.

So I thought about cookies… How practical is it to make cookies in the oven. If its easy not only would you have a sweet aroma, but you (considering cost) give them away as a promotion or a nominal charge to help a local charity or something. But its the perceived value of another item being given that is ready made and can attract walkins.

So question is does the dough have to be bought it if so any particular type and how easy is it to make it.


cookies are doable - make your own tho, as costs can be pricey…

brownies are a snap as well

I’ve also done cinnamon & sub rolls…

thanks for reply,

any sites you can recommend where I can learn to make them?

The pillsbury 4oz ready to bake are great. You keep them frozen, lay them out on a baking tray and cook them off in the oven. Wrap them in plastic wrap while they are still warm and soft.

They have a bunch of different kinds like oatmeal raisin, choc chip, macadamia, etc etc. Most of the cookies you see out there are this kind off thing.

Prices are not cheap, but there is zero risk of spoilage (before they are baked), no prep work, no chance of messing up the recipe.

Depending type and size, cookies like these will cost you between 20 and 40 cents each. For a value added giveaway, they are hard to beat.

I use Englishbay frozen pucks. They bake up real nice and are cheaper than what i could mix up myself. I pay $.30 and sell for $1.50.

I too use a preportioned dough and they sell quite well. I think the manufacturer is Pennant. Very easy to do and are also cheaper than i could mix myself ( which i have done as well ).

For those who do offer cookies, How well do the sell? How are you pricing them? And are they mostly sold to carry-out customers, rather than delivery? Thanks

They sell pretty well. Our cost pr is about .16 to .20 and we sell em 2 for a buck or dozen for 4.99. A lot of walk-ins get them, but we do suggestive sell them on deliveries. Sometimes we have contests with the crew to see who can sell the most dozens. They get into it and the cookies sell.