Cooking at home

How good can you replicate your product if you cooked it at home on say a pizza stone and in your regular oven?

I am trying to create my recipes and just wanted to know if I am essentially wasting my time. Is it possible to cook a pizzeria quality pizza out of a home oven?


i mean yes you can make a good pizza in your oven at home

I would have to disagree. Yes, you can cook a pizza in your conventional home oven, but in my experience, it doesn’t cook quite the same. The outer crust gets a little harder than normal and you don’t get the same coloration as you would a commercial oven with forced air.

Again, this is only my opinion, but I would have to say the quality isn’t the same.


put a pan of water inside,plus use vegi shortening in your dough…

I disagree with the water and shortening comment.

You can test some things, but not the cook you’ll get in a commercial oven.

What you can test is that your dough and sauce recipes are CLOSE to what you want. And you can taste test product, like cheese and tomato sauce bases to get a preference. I recently went through this and had decided on several key items before getting the store kitchen built - pricing and quality on cheese, pepperoni, sauce base, etc.

To come the closest to a deck oven, I got a VERY THICK stone for my home oven, similar in feel to a deck surface. Then I preheated at high temp for a couple hours to ensure that I’d be cooking with true from-the-stone bottom heat like a real oven.

Fed the family some good pizza…

You can make a very good pizza at home, but it will not be the same.

But you should be able to get an idea if you are close.

thats all i am saying,
if you use a little more water,say 65% to flour,use 2% shortening,place a pan of water(2 cups),pre heat your stone,at 400-425,cook for12- 15 mins,you will have a great pizza,id bet better than most…DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN TO TAKE A PEEK ,HAVE FAITH

I bring our pizza home all the time to cook later, BUT it is never as good.

Gentlemen Please . You do not cook a pizza you Bake a pizza. Any professional baker would be laughing at all these posts about cooking pizza. Its not a stew its a pizza.
George mills