Cooking Test Pizza at Home

PJ are you looking to cook on deck ovens or conveyor ovens when you open?

Yes, a deck oven. I haven’t decided on brand yet though.

Another option, one that I have personally worked with a good number of time, is to work with your contractor and specify that the back kitchen area be completed before the public (front) area of the shop. This typically buys you 3 to 4-weeks of kitchen time for product development and training before you have to thnk about other things.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We just went through this. We tested our pies in our stove at our restaurant kitchen while we waited for our deck ovens to be hooked up. You can get a good pie from your home oven but it’s quite different from the stone in the deck ovens. Crust is all together different, you won’t get a true picture of crust, but you can test your sauces and toppings combo. We set our ovens for 475% and let the pie bake in the pan for 10 minutes, then took it off the pan for 90 seconds to cook right over the grill in the oven. We had a local baker make our dough and topped it with our own sauce.

Good luck

Another idea is to talk to a pizza shop in your area about cooking your pizza for you. This may not be plausible but, for instance, I have a great relationship with my childhood local pizza place. I brought in some of my skins and had them dress them and cook in their oven (which, coincidentally, is identical to mine). This let me know how my crust performed in a commercial oven even though I couldn’t experiment with my own toppings, etc.

Don’t know if that’s an option for you, but something to think about.