Cooking Wings in a conveyor oven

I have been cooking (prepping) wings on sheet trays, running them through the oven at 480 degrees for 19 minutes. Then i remove them and cool them down to temp and use a dough scraper to remove them from the trays. This is my question, is there any way just to have them fall off the wing tray without having to scrape them?

Have you tried spraying the pans with a pan coating spray, like PAM before adding the wings? Even when we do this for very large orders of precooked wings (a whole bag on a tray) we still have to scrape them off a bit as well.


Yes tried that already but as you said still have to scrape

We use these … ouping.htm


Thanks Pizzapirate im guessing your wings just fall right off the screen no scraping at all. I did not know they made these. We have been using those screens for pizza and never had anything stick since we got them. How is cleanup of the screen

I use silicone baking sheets…$40ish/case…but I spray that too…sticks a little, but easy to remove…

I would not say they just fall off but they are removed very easily. We spray the sheets with not stick spray, bake and let them cool down a bit so they are easily handled. We then remove them with a plastic scraper. Even a cambro lid works.
As for clean up, we scrape off any extra grease and sometimes a small chicken skin bit here or there. Then soak them for a half hour and they wash right up. We did it your way for around 15 years and I can easily say this is a far better system. Better quality wings and easier clean up. The only downfall is the cost. We sell around 1500 lbs of wings a week and I think I doled out around $2500 to set this system up. But everyone loves the wings and sales are up. You can check out photos of the wings at All the wings were baked with these screens.


I think the various sprays are just nasty and add unpleasant flavors. We use fully cooked wings now so we do not need to do this prep step, but when we did prep from raw we cooked them crowded in 2" deep pans at normal cook time and temp running them through twice and turning them between runs.

When we cook them to serve we use parchment paper so the various sauces do not end up dripping in the oven and coating the screens we run them through on. The wings just slide off. We also used to use full sheets of parchment for baking cookies and brownies which was excellent for preventing sticking.

Same as Steve. We don’t have wings on the menu, but when I cook them up for personal use, or just staff fun we put them on un-sprayed parchment paper and pass them through. Any of your major suppliers should be able to provide you a price for the full sheets.

Steve & others, which pre-cooked wings are you all using? I had my Bellisimo rep stop and drop some “steam cooked” rice flour coated wings last week that I sampled. VERY tasty, stayed very moist/juicy and only took 4 minutes in my fryers to reheat. Price works out to just under .24 cents a segment. Giving it some thought…

24 cents a segment? Do you mean per wing? That is really low. Do you know how many are in a pound? Thanks.

nah, per segment, as in, per drummie or flat…

I’d have to look, but I don’t know that they’ve listed the mfg. on their price list for that item. I know it’s a brand new SKU for them which may mean they’re pulling the price down to break into the market.

We’re not sure we’re going to use them, mostly it’s a space issue with us but at 4 minutes per order, it’s pretty tempting and the product I sampled was very good.

I just got a price from my bellisimo rep and it comes out to about 45 cents per segment. That is what I am paying now for precooked steamed wings with rice flour coating. If I could get that 25 cent price it would save me over $1000 a month! :x

I’ll dig up their quote and double check them…I do know when I asked that same question I was answered, “no, it comes out to about a quarter per section” to which I then verified as in a drummie or a flat. So…we’ll see. I’ll also get you the SKU to make sure we’re on the same page, it sure sounds like it b/c he was touting the steamed, rice-floured wings. ???

The OP asked about wings in a conveyor. I tried the Belisimo wings you mentioned and in the conveyor they pretty much refused to crisp up at all. I called them about it and they said that those wings were for use in fryers only and the results I got in the oven were typical of what they had seen. I cooked some up in a fryer at home and they were quite good, but in a conveyor you need to look at a different product.

The pre-cooked wings we use have no breading, flour or anything else on them. All the ones that have that stuff are for fryers. We buy a super jumbo wing segment. They run about 8 segments to a pound. We charge $9.00 for a dozen.

Friendly reminder always to discuss size or count per pond when discussing wing pricing so that we’re all talking the same language and about the same product. A 6-9 product is light years different from a 10-15 product, for example.