Cooking with a bakers pride convection oven just added stones help please!

So, we are a limited shop. I have 2 bakers pride type convection ovens. We were using pans and a Arrezzo dough balls, then hand pushed/light hand tossing the dough. The center of the pizzas were sometimes still doughy while we pushed the pizzas to the max length of cooking at 45o degrees, until the toppings started to burn. Last week I put in 4 1 3/8 inch 20x20 soap stones, cranked the oven up to 550 and baked on screens and really cant iron out the the time. Changing temp and time it seems that the crust is browning almost starting to burn and if there is any cheese on the crust will be burnt by the time the bottom is done. Any help would be great. We are using Arrezio dough until we can afford to buy our mixer.

When it come to time vs temperature you need to remember this tidbit I learned from @Tom Lehmann : Time cooks Temperature darkens. Since learning this I reduced the temperature and increased the bake time to find the balance that works best for me.

You’re using a convection oven like one of these?


I’ve used a lot of different types of ovens in pizzerias but never that one albeit I’ve used those ovens in other restaurant types.

Biggest issue that pops up to me is your usage of the stones/screens. If you have stones to cook the pizza on, the screens are the issue. The best part about using stones is how they cook the bottom of the crust. Try doing a pie directly on the stones like a deck oven. You’ll need to flour or cornmeal the bottom a bit so it doesn’t stick. Hope this helps and let us know how it turns out my man!

Convection ovens are not a good way to bake pizzas.Not enough heat can be applied to the bottom of the pizzas.

Gotta parbake the crusts, but you can make it work! Worked for us for a while back in the day. I wouldn’t go back to that method for a million dollars, but it got us off the ground.