Cool Marketing Idea

Hi Everyone!

I just had a customer in the Bar/Club industry do a cool cross promotion with a pizza place that I thought I’d share with you. Most of you just know me as “the Post-it Note girl”, but we also do magnets, flyers, tokens etc.

A customer of mine has a bar and did a bunch of plastic tokens that said “Good for One Beer” on the front and his logo/address on the back. He also got tokens printed that said “Good for One Free Topping” and then a pizza place with address on the back. He gave his tokens to the pizza place to hand out with their orders and in return, he put a bowl with their tokens on his bar.

You can do as many colors of tokens as you want for no additional charge, so he did red, green, blue and black for his so he could see which pizza place he was getting the most back from. We can also do copy changes so he did four different pizza places on the back of the “free topping coins” in one order.

We do a lot of “free drink tokens” but this was the first pizza token I have seen. 500 tokens costs about $135.

Just thought it was a cool idea, thought I’d share!