Cool Scale@ Sam's Club*

Hello Guys,
They just got a new Taylor portion control scale at Sam’s club. Very nice, limited to 11 0z. (I believe). for $25. Good Price :slight_smile:

is it digital

No, Analog. Seems like a quality product. for the price,I think it is a good deal. I liked it.

Thanks! We’ve been looking for some new ones!

Does it look like the Taylor 32 oz. analog scale shown on the link below ?
If so, it looks easy to read…11 oz. capacity is probably more accurate also
thanx, Otis … 8Y32R.html

you can use get a digital scale at office max or office depot for $30, I believe it says something like mail weight scale, it goes in ounces and grams, it has out lasted all my expensive $200 ones

Yes. Same size and everything. A little better looking. It has a portion/load bowl on top, kinda scoop/bowl combo for usefulness. I am not sure if it is fixed or removeable but looks cool. I believe the scale is limited to 11 oz. max. I could be wrong. But yes, it looks much like a Taylor scale above. little better looking.