Cordierite vs. Brick Lined

Anyone have experience cooking on both?

Does either one produce better results than the other?

I currently have a brick lined oven, but I’m thinking of getting a couple of new Baker’s Pride ovens that come with Cordierite. They have a brick lining option, but for both ovens, it would cost another $800, and I’m wondering if the cost is justified.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wow…no one has used both?

I’ve cooked on brick for awhile now. Can anyone chime in on how well pizzas cook on Cordierite? I’m just trying to determine if that $800 would be well spent.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I can offer my own experience on the Corderite . . . in BP 600 ovens, they work great. Holds heat, are durable, easy to clean, consistent bake. I’ve not used actual masonry brick, so cannot compare, but I’m quite pleased with these decks.

PLUS, consider that Bakers Pride uses this in all their decks . . . so it must be a good substitute for use in their ovens . . . . they and others sell a LOT of those synthetic decks.

Thanks Nick.

What you’re saying makes sense and I am going to go with the synthetic deck. Not only is it cheaper, but there is more height in the chamber to bake items like sandwich rolls.