Cordless LED Car Toppers

sick of having the drivers forget to plug in my regular ones so should I switch to these? I have heard that they are not bright enough but I am thinking the technology is better now that they have been out a while. Can anybody recommend anyone they have used for this.

Thanks for your help!

I am interested too. Do you have a link?

The new ones I saw at looked brighter than those I have seen before. It was hard to see how well they would light up at night as it was in the light of the Pizza Expo that I saw them.

We have used them for about 4 years now. They work great, easy to use always lit ect. The only issue with them is the cost. You are looking at an extra $100 per sign. Then there is the maintenance. We get about 12 to 18 months out each sign. Sometimes you can switch out the battery for about $10 but sometimes the whole led system needs swapped out ($100 )

If you are hands on in the store all the time I would recommend staying with the corded system. If you are a multi unit owner I would say the LED are a good way to go.


We tried them a while back and felt they were not quite as bright. Also, they didn’t last for our 10 hour shifts. After 7 hours or so the light became dimmer, much like a flashlight with batteries that are dying.

When it talking about a flashlight I always tense a lot about it battery power…

I bought some extremely good led lights last week. You may visit there if you want.

Wow , those will be bright! But I need to question the power consumption

We got them since I posted above. Love them. Just as long as the drivers remember to plug them in at the end of the shift to re-charge.