corporate acoounts

Hi Everyone
I am a small pizza chain owner and i wanted to ask all of you guys how can i get corporate accounts.
I am having such a hard time with this issue.
In the area where we do business there is plenty of big companies. I was hoping to get some accounts with them but i don’t know where to start.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot…You all are doing a great job here…

On the back of our menu’s we post
Business accounts availabe.
20% of our lunch is from these accounts

Getting your foot in the door is perhaps the most difficult thing to do but you may already be there. Some of you existing customers may work at these big companies. Focus on who is coming in your door now.
Develop relationships and network thru your local chamber of commerce.
We also have corporate accounts available posted on the back of the menu. We send bills out weekly and statements out monthly via regular mail or email, which ever the customer prefers. Develop a form that you can provide to their billing department for contacts and billing terms. Remember the importance of cash flow your accounts recievables will grow and you need to be diligent in you billing and collections.
FREE is a word everyone likes to here. Large companies are always having department head meetings, offer to bring lunch in for FREE. Provide menus and flyers and tell them you would like to set them up as a prefered corporate account. Then follow up the next week.

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