?_Correll: what is the recipe for dough keeping over night?

Hi Correll,

I am currently running a pizzaria, I found that once the dough kept over night, they became chewy and can’t bring up a nice browning colour on a pizza. Why is that? My recipe is as follow ( in maker’s proportion)

Flour 100
Water 55
Sugar 2
Salt 1
Dry Milk Power 1
Egg York 1
Oil 5.5
Instant Dry Yeast 0.75


Re: ?_Correll: what is the recipe for dough keeping over nig

Generally, if “next-day” dough is lacking in brown color, it means that the yeast in the dough has consumed most of the sugar (which is the main cause of browning in bread/pizza crust). You might try adding a greater amount of non-fat dry milk to your dough formula. Also, it sounds like the dough might be over-rising (or over-fermenting) over night. In which case you might try either (a) reducing your yeast portion and/or (b) holding the dough at a colder temperature and/or © bringing your dough from the mixer at a colder temperature (that is, using colder dough water). You might also experiment with another flour. Some flours hold up, or work, better than others during redarding or holding over night. Make sure that you’re using a high-quality flour (which also might be a more expensive flour).

John Correll