Hello, My name si Robert R. Yates I am opening a new pizzeria in nigara falls, ny. I am looking for a good dough reciepe. I have tried a few but are not coming out right. I have a 30 quart mixer. I would really look forward to your help. I am opening next Wed.

Please e-mail me reciepe at bobbitsrep@adelphia.net


Robert - For a selection of pizza dough recipes, go to the ENCYCLOPIZZA section of my website correllconcepts .com. Once there, you will find a listing 20 pizza dough recipes. For starters, try the first recipe on the list: “All-purpose Dough.” For a 30 qt.mixer, try the 20 lb portion version of that recipe. You will find these recipes listed on the opening page of Encyclopizza and also in the Dough-making chapter.

Regards, John Correll