Corrugated or Clay

I’m having trouble deciding which 16 to use. I like the corrugated but I can get the clay for a lot less and I can get 100 instead of fifty. The problem is these boxes suck when you stack them. Any suggestions or am I just being cheap? Thanks guys, CP

you get what you pay for, remember that… corrugated boxes are much better and is worth the few extra bucks.

Is there only the ‘e’ and the ‘b’?

Go with the b flute corrugated boxes. If you want to save a little money, you can use clay boxes for your 10" pies of personal pan pizzas if you have them with out too much of a problem. As far as the other larger sizes, they are just too heavy for those flimsy clay boxes. Also if the pizzas sit too long in clay boxes, the moisture and grease will soak right through them. Another thing to look out for when using clay boxes, is when you stack them the top of the boxes tend to cave in. As a result the bottom pizza’s cheese gets stuck to the top of the box and you will have some unhappy customers and in the end you will lose more in business then you are saving by buying the cheaper clay boxes.

you can buy the small clay boxes and use it for slices to go so you don’t waste your expensive corrugated boxes…