Corrugated Pizza Box Prices

My custom 2 color b-flute corrugated box prices are as follows:
18" $20.50
14" $14.50
10" 12.50
How does this compare with you guys? I am getting at least 2k min per size
Also besides the dry-wax paper any other suggestions for the “wet” specialty pies so they dont get too messy…i am considering keeping some corrugated circles or those dripie sheets around but it gets pricey.
Thanks for all your help!

To keep grease and water at a minimum…pick up some unflavored Japanese bread crumb…you just sprinke it over the cheese before your toppings…

its like $20 for 30 lbs…it really works…

how much are those corrugated circles??


18" $.19 ea
14" $.10 ea
10" $.06 ea

Custom printing on the larger boxes really has helped us. Price is a little higher, but it makes for some inexpensive fun. We use lid supports that break into games and the people have commented on how they like them. Try something unique like this and watch the return customers go up. You can do this with your box top flyers also. For keeping dry the liners work good. Good luck.

My cost for boxes is pretty scary:
16’’ = 60 cents
12’’ = 36 cents
I use Dri-pie, and with shipping, the large ones are at 21 cents apiece
Yes, that’s over 80 cents to package one 16 inch pizza. The west coast is expensive to do business in.

Tom R

Ouch…I thought mine were steep.
I tested dri-pie and was not impressed…for the same cost I keep a few corrugated circles around for our wet specialty pies

I just started using lid supports again because Jets Pizzas by me do and they are my main competition. Good news, there are new kid toy ones out there that cost the same as normal supports. I ended up saving money on my box prices by going one price point lower. Try the FUNstax I just bought and see if you can save some money. ([/url] or [url=] I think your customers will even think you did a quality improvement even though it is costing you less.

Good luck … Annette :smiley:

try costco business…23.99 50ct.16

where do u get ur boxes from

Perry where do you get you boxes from. thanks Bill

PIZZA BOX 12" 50pack 12.80 .256 PER
PIZZA BOX 16" 50pack 17.88 .357 PER