corrupt window files

my front counter terminal went down yesterday. after about 4 hours of the tech support guy looking into the problem that’s what he tells me the windows file is corrupt. My system is 2 years old and that terminal has acted up the whole time…now they are sending a technician out and they are gonna charge me 150 an hour to fix it up. Anyone have experience with this? i think i’m more frustrated than anything if all goes well the guy said it should take 3 hours with travel. i was not planning on dumping 450 bucks today.

You can buy a brand new PC for $450.

You can easily re install Windows yourself:

Most computers include a restore partition on the hard disc but it’s a lot easier to reformat the drive and re-install Windows from a DVD. Your only problem is going to be getting the POS software back onto the computer and making it work.

If it is just a specific file that is corrupted, you can usually just copy it from another computer running the same OS and delete the old file, then copy the new file over. I have had to do it on a few computers running Revention and it worked.

i had the tech come out yesterday morning…i wish i could just buy a normal computer and run on that but i run speedline on micros pos hardware. and i miss heard the guy they only charge 115 and hour. S the tech futzed with it for about a half hour trying to do what you said D9 copy the bad file from a good terminal when that didn’t work he spent 2 and a half more hours on the phone with his coworkers linked in through remote access trying to help him…this guy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

and just to be fair this wasn’t a speedline tech he works for the people i bought the system from…north country business products. they are the licensed seller of speedline in my area.

long story short this guy had no idea what he was doing. He didn’t even know the company sold speedline till that morning when he got the call. He spent the whole time on the phone with his coworkers watching them work through remote access. They set up one of our delivery terminals as a front counter terminal and he took the bad terminal with him back to the shop for repair.

now I’m stuck with a 345 dollar bill and short a terminal. ugh! I love owning a restaurant!

After working with computers outside of pizza for many years, i would never consider a POS that did not run on standard hardware. Any system that requires their specialized hardware i would not consider, for exactly that reason. Revention allows you to run their all in one terminals or to use Dell Optiplex computers. With the all in ones, if anything, and i do mean anything goes wrong. The whole terminal has to be replaced.

But with the Optiplex systems i can swap out the harddrive (which i actually had to do once on a friday morning before opening), and have them mail me out the new drive with the image on it. Yes i was down a counter terminal for 2 days, but my Route stand was back up and running in 25 minutes without having to change anything.

yeah my hardware is covered by the service plan so that’s not a big deal. its the pointless onsite call that has me pissed…i could have easily put the terminal in a box and shipped it over to them. and they could have changed the few settings for the terminal remotely.

well North Country is making good on blunder…i talked to the local sales manager, no charge for the onsite call, they are sending out the rock star tech (that originally installed the system) to re install the the missing terminal…and to install more memory in all the terminals(i think that is the problem in the first place), also, they are gonna update the speedline software to the latest version. all no charge.

Glad it’s being resolved for you…just sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. North Country usually does a great job, and it sounds like they’re working it out, but sorry for the aggravation!


yeah i just want everything fixed and that’s what they are doing…