Cost of a batch of dough?

What does it cost you to make a batch of dough?

It cost me about $14.00, using 25lbs of flour.

I have no clue if this is a good price.

If i recall I am at about 25.90, with a 46 pound flour weight.

Roughly $20, give or take a few bucks for a 50 Pound Batch. Doesn’t count labor.

around $.28 per pound in cost of goods,

I figure about $12 for a 40lb batch excluding labor which uses 25 lbs of flour. We are little higher using honey than we would be using sugar. The pound of
honey costs $1.83 where sugar would be about 25 cents.

costs me 12.32 for a 25pd batch wow how much are u paying for flour otis must be a great price at .28 cents a pound that would be 14 dollars for a 50lb batch my flour is up to 18 per 50

scott keep in mind that Otis’s 28cents per pound includes water. If you are paying $18 for 50LBS of flour and adding 60% water, plus salt, sugar and whatever else, you will come out with over 80 LBS of dough. At this price and yeild, you will come up very close, if not lower than Otis’s 28 cents a pound.

wow good answer paul I am stupid lol

With prices in such a state of flux,it is hard to say what is reasonable and what isn’t. Right now it looks like a good cost would be about $25.25 for a batch based on 50-pounds of flour, so you’re not too far off the mark at $14.00 for a 25-pound flour batch size.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’m thinking that I recall 25# bags of flour aren’t much less than their 50# counterparts. If the OP is buying 25# bags, just changing to a larger size might save some money.

We buy 50 lb bags for our 25 lb batches. You are right, it is nuts to buy 25lb bags.