cost of a pizza shop

1/what is the cost to open a 800 > 1000 sqft pizza shop? ( only pizza , take away and delivery )
2/ what is the list of equipement / new vs used ?
3/ cost to prepare the shop ( sanitary approval ect …) , electricity , gaz , inssurance , windows ect
is there any links , or book available to that subject as well as
creating a new shop vs buying an exiting business vs franchise
Thank you for your great help

your looking at 25-75k easily depending on what kind of equipment new/used how much decor you want


Cost of build out and putting a shop together really depends upon whether you are buying a business or starting from scratch and where you are doing this. Costs vary widely.

I can tell you that if you do have to put in a kitchen (any basic kitchen) it will cost you 75,000 to 100,000.00. That would include brining in the necessary electric , gas and plumbing if they aren’t already there. If those utilities are already present–in sufficient strenghth for a commercial food service operation, 50-75,000.00 is a more realistic. Count on an additional 50,000 to 75,000 to cover the entire cost of opening up. For a small take out with some eat in, nothing fancy place, count on about 150-200 dollars per square foot for soup to nuts.

If you want to go cheaper, try buying out a business from someone else who’s already spent the development bucks. In another post, you asked what the success rate was for pizza places, and I answered you. Why so high? The chief reason: under capitalization