cost of dough

I have just opened and pay .67 for a 22 oz dough ball I was just wondering what everyone else pays. For those who make theirs what is the physical cost for making dough, not including equip and manpower? thanks Bill

Not including equipment and labor, our dough costs 1 cent per ounce in materials.

This is what I’ve come up with…

                          1 batch of dough (60 qt. hobart) - $9.41
                             $5.50 employee prep person   - $5.50/hour

                                           Total batch cost        - $14.91

Making 20 oz. Large doughballs your yield will be approximately 8 trays (6 patties per tray) bringing a total cost of about 31 cents per doughball. Hope that helps. - J_r0kk

50lb flour 12.25
1lb yeast .84
1 salt round .88
oil 6.00 gallon

one 50lb bag will yeild around 50 22oz dough balls

approx 26 cents per dough ball

This helped me out as well.Thank you guys.I’m assuming just starting out,I’ll have plenty of time to make the dough.

1 hour to make 1 batch of dough?? I can usually make 15-20 trays in 45-60min. EASILY…

Russ, Russ, Russ. LOL. All that info that we put up and you got out of it the time it takes to make the dough? No, it takes less than 20 minutes, but you want to put an hour timetable on it to pay for the other things you don’t normally add into the cost of making the dough: such as the electricity for the lights and that rather expensive mixer you’ve got, the water for the dough, the water to wash the dough trays, the soap used to wash the dough trays, the vegetable coating spray for the bottom of the dough trays and tops of the dough patties, the tape used to mark the date and size of the dough, the marker used to write the date and size onto the tape… etc. But it’s okay, I’m glad you’re paying attention. It’s good to call somebody on something you don’t think is right to ensure the correct information is getting out there. -J_r0kk

P.S. At least you didn’t call me cheap for only paying my in-stores $5.50/hr. :wink:

I normally price dough at 16 to 18 cents per pound, but with the recent hikes in flour prices (like nothing else has been going up) I now put the cost at something closer to 20 cents per pound or about 1.25 cents per ounce. In some areas due to the type of flour used, they are taking a real hit on the flour prices so the cost might actually be closer to 25 cents per pound (the lower protein winter wheat flours are now in relatively short supply and are carrying a significant premium in price over spring wheat flours which is just the opposite from the “norm”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Wow j_r0kk, you’re cheap! :wink: j/k

It takes us about 1.5 hours to make a batch of dough, including set up, mixing, rolling and clean-up. That’s about 120 doughballs into 9 trays (depending on what sizes we need.) Russ, what’s your secret? Do you have a divider or rounder?

Yeah Yeah. I KNEW somebody’d call me cheap. I’M NOT CHEAP!!! I’m thrifty. -J_r0kk

In the Boston area you couldn’t get away with paying that low. You’d have a revolving door of employees.

A friend of mine owns a small restaurant. He has people who “don’t have papers”…he gets away with paying that low.

Practice, practice, practice.

Do you really use 6 gallons of oil and 16 oz. of yeast per 50 lb. bag of flour???

Just for reference, this question was answered in the last PizzaRadio interview with Tom Lehmann, the Dough Doc. See it by going here: