cost of fountain pop/soda?

A friend of mine is insisting that I use fountain pop/soda behind the counter for my 15 seat pizzeria instaead of cans and bottles.Was wondering what the costs of it was.I’m pretty sure Pepsi will give you the equipment so was wondering about the syrup and cup.lid, etc.

Each gallon of BIB yields 800 ounces of product.

So a 5 gal bib yields 4000 ounces of product.


250 - 16 oz sodas
200 - 20 oz sodas
125 - 32 oz sodas

We pay 52.30 for a 5 gal bib


.21 160z product
.26 20oz product
.42 32 oz product

give or take some for the ice.

The cup cost for a foam cup and lid is around

16 - .06
32 - .11

We don’t use 20 oz so who knows.

Sorry mate, but no-one except my wife or I insists what we do in our store.

Unless your friend is a commercial partner in the business run the store you see fit and sell what you want.

I will listen to suggestions, providing they are backed up with details etc.

For a 15 seater I wouldn’t think you would get the volume to make the hassle of set up, cleaning etc of a fountain worth it, but as fountain is popular there (I don’t know of any pizza stores here that use fountians) other posters from stateside will guide you better.


Just for insight, I pay between $0.93 - $0.97 for 20oz Pepsi products.

Pepsi will provide you with the fountan dispenser, out here they sell cups and lids too. You can also buy CO2 tanks, but I wouldn’t buy from pepsi. I have had such a bad time dealing with Pepsi out here. It’s ridiculous. They give big corporations a discount and stick it to us little guys…

Wow pepsi wanted around $.78 for me and I told them no thanks.I will stock up on the 24oz ones when they are on sale for $.40.
Dave- I meant he is just telling me over and over.Obviously I have the final say.

While Pepsi may supply you with fountain equipment (and I’m not so sure with a 15 seat diningroom), you will be responsible for providing an ice machine. A top mount unit could be $2000. You probably have a floor mounted unit now, but don’t underestimate the pain in the ass of filling the fountain unit by hand. The fountain also needs a nearby floor drain with easy access (It will get clogged with syrup crap), electric and water supply. You will need a location in the BOH for the syrups in use, and to store backups.

foam cups are .06, and keep beverages colder an hour longer than paper cups. Pepsi will sell you paper cups with their logo for about .30.
while the cost difference is nice, foam cups take up 10x more storage space than paper cups, so keep that in mind when deciding.

Also, your Pepsi fountain will have only 6-10 drink selections, 1 of which has to be non-carbonated (usually lemonade). So you’ll get pepsi, diet, lemonade, dew?, rootbeer?, sierramist?. That leaves out new introductions, diet dew, caffiene free diet, and stuff like that. You can still offer those in cans, but now you are running two systems.

Finally, if Pepsi provides the fountain, they want only their products. So keep that in mind if you offer Dr Pepper.

Just some things to think about. Good luck