Cost of making a 14'' and an 18'' pizza

Dear fellow PMQ members,

I am a manager a a moderately-sized reptile zoo. Here, we do sell pizza to our walk-in traffic, as well as provide it for up to 50 parties per week. The owner has asked me to look into possibly having our pies made in house.

With that, I need your help. I need to know, on average, what your cost s to produce an average (1-3 topping) pizza? I need those numbers for both a 14’ style and an 18’’ style.

I have searched the archives and know that there is a similar post on this same page. However, in that one, there is not that much detail, and the costs really range widely.

I do not want the box, labour orrent figured in. If you could just quote me on the ingredients, it would be most appreciated.



I know one thing that will factor in if you make your own dough.For a 16" pizza dough in WNY the price was like $.60.If you use 8 ounces of cheese figure .80.Pepperoni like .40 suace maybe.20 just to make it an even $2.00 for a 16".you could make the dough for .10 which would cut it down to $1.50 for the large.
This would be no labor,box, etc.
Hope this helps and see if others can verify this.


Thanks for your reply. Now, what I am wondering is what do you guys pay for mozzarella in bulk? What sizes does it come in? What is the average cost per pound?

I really appreciate any help.



I get a case of 30 pounds of whole milk mozz for about $1.75 a pound. My distributor tells me that run of the mill mozz which is part skim is about 20 cents a pound less. I am a small player though so I don’t get as good of a price as some other people in here.