cost of mozzarella per lb in shredded form

Took this out of the flour thread for obvious reasons. You have to remember that “typical” is being redefined every month these days. I figure paying about 10 to 15 cents per pound over block price for shredding is what I’m seeing. Cheese is running close to or over $3 a pound for good product, so figure from there.

you can run a search in the recent past for threads on pricing of cheese. there is a thread every week or two about then-current pricing trends. That will give you an idea where cheese pricing has been.

buying Grande diced WM mozzarella today in AZ for $3.20 per pound, down from $3.53 a couple of weeks ago.


Thanks for moving the question. I did a search and did not find an existing post about this topic but I figured it was probably talked about constantly anyway, being a major expensive and it sounds like it fluctuates a lot.

I just bought a 5 lb. bag for my personal use. Going to be making pies for friends this evening. The brand is Sorrento, and I really have no clue where that stands in terms of quality compared to other brands. It was $2.80 per lb. and I was curious to see how this compared to commercial operations.

Thanks again.

where were you able to buy just one 5 pound bag ?


Sorrento is a good brand, but, like all other companies, have different blends/grades…I used 2 get it from Costco yrs ago…their 3% whole milk was Sysco’s house blend 4 yrs (in fla), until they had a falling out…

At a grocery store chain called ShopRite, I don’t think it is a national chain but it’s in New Jersey for sure. It was $14.00. They describe it as whole milk.

Sams Club here in Florida has 5 lb shredded PS Stella for 2.78/lb.

good price for decent cheese…
I was using Sorrento WM mozzarella, was OK, Grande is better to my liking, eventhough 50-75 cents a pound more…
one small advantage of being smaller, those higher prices are not multiplied as much,

Sam’s carries it in our area.