cost of pizza making (australia)

Does any one have any idea’s on how much it costs to make a pizza, i am opening one up soon but need input.ei machinery , employee’s how many ect

Your questions are much too abstract to give an answer. In other words there is not enough detail. It is like a customer calling in to the store and asking how much for a 14 inch pizza. If you want a cheese pizza it is $9.99 if you want every topping in the store it is $29.99.

If you are opening soon i pity you if you are still at the what do I need stage. Do you have any experience in the industry? Have you done any other research into what it takes to run a successful pizzeria? This business is not for the faint hearted, it takes a great deal of time and energy and hard work to make a profit.

Come back with more specific questions and we will try to help.

More like asking “how much is a car?”.

The various kinds of things you need to know are what size pizza . . . how much dough you will use for he crust . . . how much sauce . . . how much cheese . . . you making the dough, or frozen crust . . . what are the prices of the various foods you intend to use in your shop?

Once you get a recipe list, you can figure out what pantry and refrigerated items you will need. Then you can get prospective pricing from food vendors. Then you can figure out the cost to you per unit of the items in your pizzas. Then you can use those numbers back into your recipes to figure out how much YOUR pizza costs YOU to make. Once you get the recipe for one pizza, you can use the area in square inches to develop the recipes for the other pizza sizes you will use.

That is only if you are talking about pure food costs. Labor, occupancy costs, marketing and other junk enter into the equation when you get to talking about menu pricing this pizza you are making.

Send me an email with your details - phone, where you are etc and I will call you and discuss it.

I’m in Perth but don’t know what state you are setting up in.

I will help where I can after hearing from you.