Cost to make 16oz dough ball if you make yourself?

I’ve been debating on buying my dough for a few different reasons and it seems to be about $.50 per 16oz.Was trying to figure out what it cost to make it yourself.

first get the price on the flour and everything else that goes into a dough recipie then cost it down for each measurement of flour, oil, yeast, sugar, salt, ect. then you will have what it costs for each 16 oz portion of dough. You of course will need the yields for say using 5 pounds of flour.

much less than $.50, from .15 to $.30, depending on your cost on labor, ingredients, etc.
lots more advantages also


you will need to factor in labour (not just in the direct manufacture but the whole process), cleaning time, equipment purchase (mixer, proofing equipment etc), equipment servcing, equipment power usage, the purchase of trays (most bakeries will provide these for you) etc etc.

Its not as simple as just saying ingredients.

I’m not saying its better or worse to buy over making yourself BUT make a fully informed choice.

The ingredient cost to make your own dough is about $0.20 per pound, maybe a penny or two less, depending upon your flour prices. To account for the other (hidden) costs of making the dough we use the formula of 2.5 times the ingredient cost to give the actual cost to make the dough, so in this case 2.5 times $0.20 is $0.50 per pound or a little less.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks as that was kind of the answer I was looking for.There are a few very large pizzerias in my area $1mil+ that used frozen dough and SWEAR by it.Thaye all use the same comments" I made dough for 20+ years and now using frozen what does that tell you"
They say the consistency is always perfect and you just take out what you need and it lasts 2-3 days in the fridge so as long as you take out enough for a day and a half you will never run short.
I could’ve gooten a 2yr old L-802 for $5K but then would have to move it and set it up to run 1ph which would’ve been another $1,500 or so.
These are some of my reasoning even tho when I open I’m sure it will be slow at first and I’d have plenty of time to make the dough.

It costs us 14 cents to make a 16 oune dough ball.

I can’t imaging a scenario where it would make sense to consider using frozen dough for a high volume establishment. My dough also costs about 14 cents per pound. At my current volume using frozen dough would cost me almost $1100 per week more in product cost than making it myself. The other problem would be frozen storage. With my twice a week delivery, I would need to store over 2000 pounds of dough to insure that I would not run the chance of running out.