Cost to move equipment

I’ve been offered the opportunity to buy out the assets of a pizza place, but I do not wish to open where he is currently located. I know many factors go into this, but I wanted to get an idea the cost involved in taking down and moving all the equipment (Middleby Marshall double stack, walk in, vent hoods being the big items). Thanks.

Your best bet is to get a bid from a contractor.

LEt me know where you are located we may be able to suggest a contractor with pizza shop experience.

George Mill


George is the expert and knows more than most of us about such things. I would say, though, that the cost of removing the hood, Fire Suppression, , Exhaust Fan, Makeup air, and repairing the roof (which will usually have to be bonded) will exceed the value you get from it. The older the unit, the less likely it’s a worthwhile venture.

The rest of the equipment is pretty straightforward and, if you’re not mechanically inclined, should be relatively straightforward for a qualified contractor that George recommends.


I will hav ananswer for you tomorow

George Mills

Hi Windy

I suggest you contact John Blake 815-482-7766

He has done jobs foe us and was very good.

George Mills