Costco style chicken bake

Looking for things I will be able to sell that no other pizza place has.
I want 1)simple operationally 2) good margine 3) little or no extra stuff to order.

The costco chicken bake meets this. All I have to order is ceasar dressing. Costco sells them for 2.99. I am thinking 4.99 I dont know what chicken will cost me. yet but i will get 3 to a pound. Anybody ever considered knocking off the costco chicken bake? My friend works there when he has preped them in the morning he makes about 240 of them. I figure maybe ill sell 6 or 7 a day. The other thing I thought about was making mini chicken bakes like 2 bite size and selling them by the dozen for 5.99 or 6.99 thoughts? And GO!

I had to look up what that product is, and what I am seeing is a stromboli with marinated chicken in it. Am I correct?

Do you currently offer any chicken at all? As I mentioned in another thread, we use boneless/skinless chicken thigh meat for our pulled chicken for dinners & sandwiches, and a few different pizzas already get chicken. We see a large savings in thigh meat, I also prefer the flavor and moisture retention of thigh meat compared to breasts.
I am not a fan of having raw chicken anywhere on my line or near any ready to eat foods due to the chances and consequences of cross-contamination. So take that into considerations before bringing it in-house.
The item looks cool, but trying to make those to order, or sandbagging a pile of them that you have 7 days to use does not appeal to me too much

Its basicly precooked chicken breast chunks the same as you would use for pizza topping not marinated just has cheese bacon bits and ceasar dressing

We’ve done 'em various times in the past…with Ranch dressing…call 'em Ranchkins…made like pepperoni rolls…spin an 18" crust, cut into 8 wedges, stuff, roll & bake…

How did they sell? And what did you sell them for?