Counter Cooler

I was watching a video of a pizzeria in Italy and saw what they were using to keep the toppings in. I was watching a bunch of other videos and saw that they were all using these. Where can I get one of them? Here is a video of a pizzeria that is using the topping cooler. … 2f38c615b8

It looks similar to the Marsal pizza prep table supreme to me.

Yea it kind does but they all make their own tables and put those coolers on top. Does anyone know where you can get them from? I wanna make my own table and I want to use one of these.

Come on all the people on here and none of you know where to get one of these?

I’d imagine a PM to George Mills would get you where you want to go.


Oh, sorry. Thought you were looking from help, sorry I recommended talking to the equipment dealer who has the answer to 95% of equipment related questions.

I did email him but seeing to how he is a very busy person I don’t think my email is at the top of his list. The fact that most of the people on here are in the business I would have thought that someone would have known…I guess not. I will just wait for the email. The rolling of the eye wasn’t towards you because I appreciate that you helped me but was towards no one knowing.

Since Marsal knows where to get them . . . I would say call Marsal and Sons and ask them questions. They may not tell what you need to know, but it doesn’t hurt.

We have one like this. we use it for our salad making station. It’s made by silver king. Google countertop prep station and you’ll see it.


Wow thanks a lot for the help :smiley: , I have been looking everywhere and couldn’t find them.

Jack a roo is correct.

Any restaurant equipment co can orde that item for you.

George Mills