Counterfeit Cash

We have been very lucky, in the last 15 years we have only been stuck with counterfeit cash 3 times, twice they were $10.00 bills that were actually pretty decent ones and then last Friday we got a fake $20.00. My question is, how do you deal with it when one of your drivers has a fake bill? Who eats it?
Friday night, when the drivers were cashing out, one guy brought me a bill and said it didn’t look right. In the nice bright light in the shop it was obviously fake. Most of his deliveries that night were cash (normally a good thing)and he had 4 $30.00 plus cash orders, so we could not narrow it down to which house it came from. At that point, he cashed out and gave me the cash he owed me and he was going to absorb the loss on the bad bill. Although it was not that good of a fake bill, it would have been hard to detect when standing on someone’s porch with a dim porch light, balancing a couple of pizzas and drinks while trying to accept payment. I traded him a good $20.00 for the bad one because I could understand him not catching it at the door and I am much more able to absorb the loss than he was.

So how do the rest of you deal with this situation?


the same way

We take the loss. Use it as a learning opportunity with the understanding that if it happens again they will be the one eating the loss. (It will not happen again in my experience.)

Take the loss too. It’s hard to even bust someone with counterfeit cash because they just say, “oh wow I didn’t even notice! The guy blah blah blah must have handed it to me as change when I bought blah blah this morning!”

We take the loss. I’ve probably gotten close to $1000 over the 19 years in business. In my mind, if you aren’t giving your drivers the tools to detect a counterfeit, as well as the time to check each and every bill at every address it is wrong to charge them for one they accept.

We don’t get to many fakes anymore. Now that the criminals have access to fraud credit cards they don’t bother with fraud cash.

So true

We’re very lucky with our money in Australia as it is recognised as the worlds safest anti fraud notes. Some other countries are getting their notes printed here for that reason.
They are a plastic type note with a watermark and a few other features. You can’t screw them up as the pop out immediately so we try and screw them up especially larger denomination notes to see if they are fraudulent. Fakes are really easy to detect as they don’t have the same feel and are mostly photocopies on paper.
Luckily we haven’t had a fraudulent note in 11 years of being in business but there have been a few instances in other shops in our centre that have, maily the big supermarket.

we got a bad fake 100 a few months ago at the shop; it was our first. it is now tacked to our cork board as a learning tool. i ate the 100 bucks but I also implemented a new rule for counter staff. if they accept the fake bill they can ether pay it back or take a write up, 3 write ups and they have to go for incompetence. its an easy procedure to follow; i have fake bill detecting pens and lights here if a bill doesn’t pass BOTH tests don’t accept it. luckily, most of my drivers are all ex street thugs and can spot a fake from across the street.

We train staff to check $100 bills on delivery they know they will eat the loss if they dont check those. I do train on what items to look for it all bills so that they know how to check bills if they feel the need to check them. All the counterfeit money we have received in the past have been 10s and 5s no one checks those. In the last 7 years of business we have received fake money about 3 times totaling maybe about 50 bucks so its not really a big deal for me as it would be for my employees. I do bring it to their attention and we have a refresher on how to check for fake bills. One time I had a customer hand me a fake 50 I didnt take it told the customer that I dont believe it is real and was not comfortable taking it. He claimed he got it from the grocery store and acted like it wasnt a big deal which in the end confirmed my suspicions. We dont use pens or those fancy uv light things the best defense in my opinion is holding the bill up to the light and checking it for its markings. A few years ago I had a neighbor come in to ask me if I thought the $100 he had received was fake or not (his wife owned a salon) when I held it up to the light for him it was a $5 bill that someone had washed and printed 100 on it. This bill would have passed the pen test but it was a counterfeit so be aware.

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