Countertop 2-chamber Deck Ovens?

Hi all! I’m trying to get opinions on some of the countertop electric deck ovens out there.
We’re trying to squeeze one into a small space for calzones/strombolis specifically, and have no room for a larger unit at this space. I know there are a few brands, including very budget conscious like avanco and waring, and a few somewhat higher end models. Trying to keep budget under 2000.00 as this will possibly only be used for a year or so before a complete new kitchen build is done.
All that being said, what do you love, what do you hate, from your own experience with either specific ovens or key brands in particular?

Thanks so much for any insights!

i have a Bakers Pride countertop electric with dual stone deck available if you are near CT

We’re actually in TX. I appreciate it, though. Love their ovens, having worked with the full size units. Wish we were closer!

dont buy the $700 ones on Kitchen Monkey

I’ve never heard of kitchen monkey

Type it in. I got a 48" low boy for $1300 and a 1/4 horspower slicer for $500. Both great deals. But the oven did’nt work at a proffesional level.

Just checked out refrigeration and it all looks to be generic names I’ve never seen before.

Thanks all. Definitely not looking for generic rebranded. Don’t want to go too high end like peerless, baker’s pride, etc, since it’s a shorter term solution, but would consider some of the mid level lines like Waring Pro, etc, if people think they’re solid (hard to tell on dealer sites’ reviews). Thanks again for all of your insights!

Yeah its all generic. But I dont use the slicer much. Used name brand 48inch lowboys around here run $1000 to $1200. I figuregd I would rather have new.

Recently purchased a triple stack 3255 form XLT, while browsing their website I seen they offer a countertop oven, 1620 to be exact. I believe they are based in Wichita, KS if you’re in TX, I’m sure you can drop in and test bake.