Countertop Oven

I’m looking for a Gas Countertop Pizza Oven. Something with 2 decks most likely. Need it to fit a 12" pan on both decks. Basically this is to heat up slices. Any suggestions?



we have been using an electric Bakers Pride 18" wide oven with 2 stone decks for approx 15 yrs now to heat all our slices. It can easily hold 8 slices at a time. We also use it to make pies well done on request rather than tie up our regular oven.

Castle Comstock makes a gas oven that would work for warming. Model PO 19.
We use the model PO26 for our concession business and they work well.

A gas oven will require a hood.

I use a Waring electric deck oven, on our food trailer and it works awesome!

So gas has to have a hood? Electric doesn’t?

Also does anyone have any idea on monthly electric cost for this product mentioned above. It
would probably be on at .400 or so for 10 hours a day.

Middleby Marshall offers two countertop options that come in gas and electric. Electric costs will depend on location. Where are you located?

Buffalo NY. My electrician said he thought about $6 a day.

To answer the hood question check with YOUR codes department, many cities now require a hood for any gas or electric oven and they are becoming more specific about what they require in regards to a hood.
To find out what the cost of operating an electric oven will be take the power usage data off of the metal tag and contact YOUR local utilities company and they’ll be glad to give you an estimated cost.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


Sorry for going off topic but I thought I save my single question from starting a whole new topic.

If I may ask, I’ve never worked with a 2 Deck electric oven.(only wood-fired or gas-fueled dome ovens) now I’m about to use an electric 2-floor deck oven but I have no idea if you have to put top and bottom on the same temp. and if it matters top or bottom floor is prefered to bake thin-crust pizza’s?

I’m sorry if this sounds really dumb or doesn’t belong here.

Have a great day guys.