Coupon Books

I would like to use coupon books in conjuction with the local high school sports teams as a way to market my shop and help them out with buying equipment, uniforms, etc for their teams. Anyone here ever printed their own booklets? Or is that something that should be left to a print shop? Would it be tacky to ask the teams to charge $12 for the books…they keep $10 and I get $2 to cover print cost? I’m thinking that if the coupons were aggresive enough that asking $12 wouldn’t be a huge issue.

I do not think it is tacky at all to ask to have the cost of printing covered. After all you are going to be discounting with the coupons and therefore not getting full retail for your product. You are not assured there will be any increase in your bottom line.

I am working on doing a fund raiser for an indoor soccer league with these. and they will cover the cost of the printing from the sale price.