Coupon / discount wheel illegal?

I was thinking about having a discount/prize wheel at the restaurant once in a while and was wondering if there were legal problems. For example you would buy your pizza than spin the wheel, there would be discounts between 20-50 percent. Everyone wins a discount or maybe free drinks, free wings, etc.

I’ve been to Macys where after you buys something they give you a scratcher and it tells you the discount you “won”. Not sure if there is a difference in this or not. Anybody have any experience with this?

Your lawyer or CPA can answer this to make sure you’re compliant with your local laws.

These wheels are considered games of chance in most areas and would be illegal to require payment in order to spin (without a gaming permit). This is still a great idea to keep your customer engaged with your brand and give them a story to tell their friends about your place. The best way around this is to setup ‘Game Rules’ and allow one spin without purchase per person per year - that should keep you legal in most areas.

Let us know how this works for you!

I’ve thought about doing this too. One question, If all the options on the wheel were positive or discounts for the customer wouldn’t everyone spin the wheel?

When we were in the process of going into business, I really liked my idea of giving away a fortune cookie with every order. And have 1 in every however many (50? 100?) have a fortune that is a coupon for a free pizza. As a pizza place giving out fortune cookies, you would definitely stand out in people’s minds. Not only something different, but something different to win a free pizza. I still may do this one day.