Coupon Percentage of Sales

What percentage of sales are coupons for a delivery / pick up shop considered average. I’ve heard 30-40% of all orders have coupons or discounts attached to them. Is this average, below or above?

We’ve had exactly 32 coupon orders since June 1. That’s because our business isn’t currently driven by coupons. We would be the kind of place that evens out a small shop that has ALL their business be couponed.

Our stores break down like this for the last accounting period:

Campus: 65%
Residential side of the college town: 59%
Conservativeville: 57%

Although, these aren’t really “coupons” - we only run value-added specials/package deals. And the percentage is probably a bit lower as my system doesn’t tell me how many times more than one special was used on any individual order.

I can’t tell you how many orders have coupons on them, I can tell you my discount percentage.

I wasn’t looking for an amount, but a percentage of sales. Like 25% of our sales have been discounted or, our discounts are 25% of gross sales etc.

I am coming from a full service restaurant where coupons & discounts are minimal as opposed to the amount of coupons I see around the store from the big guys and even the independents

Our discount percentage is about 10-14% of sales. probably 50+% of orders are discounted but most just by a few percent. The 10-14% includes 100% discounts for police and the comped pizzas that are a big part of my marketing program at this time.

We run between 7-10%. Our busiest months we run 7%. The slow ones 10%. Right now we’re running 9%. With gas where it is and the economy spooking people, customers are looking for deals. So we’re running some aggressive offers.

We run normally between 9 - 12%. Over the summer we doorhung a bogo pizza coupon, and we were up to 17%, but typically not higher than 12%.