Coupon printing

Here’s a thought I had today and I was curious to see if anyone has ever tried it.

Problem: You get price breaks on quantity of coupons printed. However, you need an ‘urgency’ for a person to use the coupon. I know PJ’s has used “expires in two weeks” and used them for months on end. A savvy customer knows there’s no urgency to use the coupon.

Solution: Print a gob of coupons with the word “expires:” on them. Run them through your lazer printer in batches to put the date in the correct spot. If you doorhang your territory on a set schedule (every two weeks), then you set the expiration date in two weeks knowing you’ll hit them again in two weeks anyway. This sets an urgency as it’s a “limited time offer”.

The question is… is it worth the trouble?

you can also buy a rubber stamp that you can change the redemption dates that way…use red ink & it draws the attention to the time line…old skool…

Low tech rules!!! Simple and elegent. Like those old library stamps or what court/city clerks used to use.

Nice sound effects Nick

What a great idea!!! Glad you thought of it and I’m going to use it!!!

Chalk up another one for The Think Tank!