Coupon returns

We have mostly done DL size box toppers which I have printed on my computer with a small response rate.
REcently we did a DL flyer/box topper which we had professioally printed in full colour both sides in full gloss finish. They were in a black background with red or white print (similar to our menu) and had three different coloured tear off coupons, each for a 4 week period.

  1. Receive a serve of 3 Garlic Knots with Aoili dipping sauce with every order over $25 .
    This went down fairly well but as we only introduced the Garlic Knots for this promotion it took some instore sampling in the weeks prior to get people to know what they were and what they tasted like. None the less the redemption level was pleasing.

  2. Buy any 2 large or family size pizza and get a small Hawaiian pizza FREE.
    This had an extremely good redemption. Have done it before and it works well.

  3. Current one (started on Monday) - Buy 1 Large pizza and get the second one HALF PRICE.
    We had people asking for this weeks and weeks before the commencement date. It has been a hot promotion since it started this week and I expect it to be the best promo we have done.

We have been extremely pleased with the redemption level from these flyers/boxtoppers with it far outweighing the response from the identical deals on flyers we printed on our computer.
I guess the truth is that customers don’t take much notice of “home made” flyers as much as they do professionally printed ones.
Like most of us we were closely watching our finances during the GFC era, and to our detriment, this cost us slaes opportunities. We should have spent those few hundred dollars and gone down the properly printed version and gain the sales impetus rather than trying to do it ourselves. The deals were identical but with our own we only got less than 1% response. With the professionally printed ones the response has been more around the 5% mark (or even higher).
Box topping is rarely done here as most shops are average run operations and just open and sell their pizzas and don’t do much marketing … maybe the odd letterbox drop of their menu.
Outside of the chains I haven’t seen anyone do coupons so maybe we have found a niche in a market here. It sounds silly but true.
Now we are in the process of having 2,500 postcards done with a “save 25%” introduction to new customers deal that we are cross promoting with the Optometrist in our centre. We are box topping his postcard special deal on Maui Jim sunglasses and in return he is placing our postcard in customers bags at their 5 surrounding outlets.
The whole moral behind this is to drop doing your own printing on your computer and get them professionally done. I know a lot of you have eluded to this in other posts but I am telling this from seeing a major response vs very mediocre ones.
Only wish we could get printing done as cheap as you guys can :frowning: Then I would be flooding the market … we are to some extent but I would love to do more but the $$$ are not there at our printing costs.
Just wanted to share this with you guys and thank those who have pushed this barrow.


I sometimes can’t understand why some things work and other don’t.

I have similar experience as you have with black and white (quick DIY job) versus professional print jobs.

I’ve also had professional print jobs with really good value offers generate a great response i.e. getting the phone ringing but with virtually no take up of the great offer versus really ‘not great’ offers (sometimes working out worse than other offers we have) which people just can’t get enough of.

My advice is always do a little of each. The costs and time scale of the professional job often negates the real benefit you get.

But great to see that your getting stuck into the whole ‘marketing’ thing and no one else has yet - enjoy it while you can they’ll soon learn I’m sure.


If you feel like you have to change up your offers all the time there is no getting away from high printing costs. On the other hand, if you come up with some offers that have wide appeal and produce consistently, you can print up a lot of toppers and the cost is quite reasonable.

We have four offers on our topper and I print a year’s worth at a time. I have done as many as 40,000 in a print run at a cost of about a half cent apiece. They are full color. Size is 5.5" X 8.5" (1/2 of a typical sheet of paper)

All in all this is, by far, our most productive coupon program per cost.

You might want to ask your printer about copy changes…In this day and age much of the imagining of plates used for printing is done via a digital process, therefore, copy changes during a press run are much more modest in cost than in the past…

I have noticed going from a 2 color to a full color print makes a real difference even when both have been done by a professional printer.