When a coupon or special has expired do you remove it from your system that day, or let the customer have a few days past the stated expiration date. If either could you please give reasons

Unless its a real door buster I always honor them, also I leave them in my pos in case I want to do it again someday, I just make it inactive…ALSO when it is past I make it a point to tell the customer and show them I am exercising good will.

Like Rockstar said. Why? If someone comes in because of a coupon, is it smart to send him back out the door, just cause he’s a day late? Instead, take the oportunity to make him feel “special”: “Oh, that expired two days ago, but I’ll (look around furtively) honor it anyway.”

Most of the time the offer is one that we have elsewhere not expired. We take them. As Rockstar said about door busters, there are some that we do not do that with. But even on those killer deals, we will take them for about another week.

Okay im on the same page as you guys get their money But now let me ask a few more question. How many coupons do you have active in your system? Are some of them close to being similar? How long do you wait to deactivate a coupon? Do you find it difficult to train new staff on all of your coupons? Here is an example of my coupon issues

All stores Extra large 2-topping $11.99
Corporate web site -Extra Large 2 topping $11.00 (Franchise allows us to do what we want but does not fill us in on specials they are goping to run)
My store (monthly special) large 3 topping $9.99 make it an extra large $2.00 more ($11.99)

Another example

large 1 topp, half hoagie, brst, and 2-liter
large 1 topp, whole hoagi, brst and 2 liter

Aside from special deals like the ones for our employees, lodging employees, taxi/van drivers and local kids sports teams which we set up as coupons in the POS to make things easier, we have 4-5 offers that we pretty much run all the time and 2-3 others that we run regularly during our off seasons. Then we will do “try-me” offers a couple of times a year that are killer deals that are only valid for a few weeks. At any one time we might have 6-8 various offers out there.

Our most popular are FREE Ben & Jerry’s Pint with a 16" pie and $5 off when you order two or more 14" or 16" pies. We have run those non stop for more than 10 years. We also have a $2.00 off any order on our box topper that we have run for just as long.

No, in general we have not had difficulty with staff on offers, but they are built into the POS so the computer decides if the order qualifies and what the discount is.