with the final four here in Indianapolis, my hotels are booked,

targeting the muti pizza orders, was wondering which sounds best

5.00 off 30.00 or more
10.00 off 30.00 or more
15% off any order over $30.00

When things are likely to be busy, do you need discount?

I wont in town but this is something for the hotels specifically, will be competing with one other indy and of course all the familiar faces…ie papa and the other misfits.
so I am doing a nice color flier with a couple large bundles, letting the other guys go after the single one topping fishes and I am trying to get whales (8-10 pizza orders).

Your Final Four
4 XX" Pizza’s

I’ve noticed that I always glaze over the $x.xx off coupons for restaurants. What about a free order of breadsticks and a 2 liter for every order $30.00 or more? That would cost you less to include than the $5 you’re willing to take off and I would see a higher perceived value there too.

gonna use both of the last 2 will update how they did…ps GO BUTLER

We do very well with lodging properties with $5 off any two or more pizzas. The more important question is how you get the offer in front of them.

So how did it go?

winner was large pizza and 2 wings for 19.99
the second place was 3 xl pizzas and 3 breadsticks 49.99
last place with zero useage 5.00 off 30 dollars

Too bad the Bulldogs weren’t the winners huh?

We play H3LL tossing 5 wings . . . 2 wings must have been a chore :slight_smile:

I am assuming that was 20 wings.

Ireally appreciate your sharing the results of these. Did you end up with huge increase in volume ovrall? Did the hotels pay off like you wanted them too? I won’t be finding hotels too much of our sales any time soon with the closest ones about 12 miles up the interstate . . . . but it does intrigue me to try to capture some of them somehow.