Coupons/Discount Codes on Big Holler

Is anyone using a discount code on Big Holler? I want my customers to be able to enter in a code, something like “DRINK” and be able to get a free soda when the order a large pizza.

Talking to them is mind numbing and baffles me how little they seem to understand how pizza shops operate.

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but this made me chuckle.

Still need to get out your way…

I asked BigHoller about this and they say they support fixed amount or percentage discounts with a coupon code. This appears to satisfy your request.

I should have updated this. I was finally able to talk to someone who was better at putting things in layman’s terms. It looks like this is something they started to do, but oddly enough, didn’t seem to have many people interested in, so not everyone at BH is aware they have this capability.