Coupons/discounts per day

Just curious what everyone is seeing on coupons and discounts in relation to their net sales. Our coupons and discounts from tonight we’re about 8% of the net sales as of this posting

Do you mean how many orders used a coupon or how much in discounts from coupons you gave out vs sales. If its the latter we are at about 10% of tonight’s sales discounted.

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Yes the amount of discounts vs sales. Couldn’t figure out the best way to say it. Dollar amount of total coupons divided by net sales

I was curious because I thought 8% sounded high. Another one of our locations was almost under 5% so maybe these are pretty much in line. I’d love to do away with a lot of them and just have a few coupons

So we have 6 coupons but 90% of my coupons are from 2 coupons. I don’t know what type of pizzeria you have but basically every Delco I know of has coupons and they unfortunately are almost expected. I know one Delco that stopped coupons but they offer 10% off if you order online which kind of comes out the same except maybe it frees up some labor from taking phone orders. I am with you though, I would love to be done with coupons.

We have about 15 counting lunch deals and party deals

Usually just under 5% of net sales. The average discount % of those sales that are used with a coupon are approx. 15%. This includes loyalty rewards where we give $10 off when you spend $150. We do not do any print ones just emailed offers that can only be used online & not valid on Fridays after 3:00