Coupons, giveaways and add ons

When are you giving away the store and when are you offering savvy marketing deals to increase your bottom line

Our company specializes in Instant-Win Game Cards for the restaurant industry and I think I can help answer your question.

Our clients have up to 4 prize giveaways on the back of the game card. We strongly suggest either a Grand Prize or 1st Prize selection be something that the customers will “buzz” about to their family and friends. A “in-house” promotion like this has a secret magic to it - you either have to be a current customer or know someone “in the know” to take advantage of the promotion. The word tends to spread like wildfire.
A current client just referred to their customer response as that of a “pack of hungry wolves”.

Second prize should be directed towards bringing in additonal customers/orders or raising sales. Third prize is the consolation prize - it could be as simple as a 32 oz. fountain drink.

The idea is that everyone wins something and that is all the customer will remember.

We recently worked with a pizza chain that initially gave away too much - a family size pizza, up to $18 FREE. Their redemption rate was over 10% in the first week of the promotion but they were taking a heavy hit. We pulled the promotion, lowered their giveaways and re-ran the promotion with more modest prizes. The redemption rate came right back in at 10% for the first week.

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I just wanted to post this so you can all offer your suggestions as to what works for you!

I have three ideas for all of you

Loyalty marketing can be done with our pizza slice magnets - the client gets one with every pizza order - they collect 8 to make a complete pie and they turn them in to you for a free pizza.

Scratch off cards - we can print business card size scratchers where you set the win rate and the prizes up to 5 levels. The more pizzas they order the better their chances - get them involved.

Birthday Card program - we will send out post cards in a zip or radius of your store to all persons (clients or not) having a birthday in the current month - could be 300 or 500 depends but the redemption on these cards has been as high as 21%. No long term commitment - try it for a month, in fact we will charge for 500 and send out 500 free all for $400

see our web for details on all of these products

Marketing is all about getting and keeping the name of your pizzeria in the forefront of customers’ minds. Here is a link to an article talking about the top ten ways to market your pizzeria.

I hope this helps.