Coupons on the internet

So a customers calls today and ordered and stated they had a coupon which sounded just like a coupon that I just ran for the first time last week in a coupon book.
When he came to pickup the order, it was something that he had printed off an internet coupon website. I have never had any dealings with this site, but it listed my store name , address and phone # and had my latest offering.

Part of me is concerned that a coupon is out there which I did not authorize (at least being distributed with out my approval) part of me is tickled to death that I am getting free advertising which apparently worked to bring in at least this one customer.

Has anybody else experienced this?

There is also a menu listed for our shop on a website which I never authorized, and it has incorrect information.


Personally I would be all over this website as it is only a coupon that you are accepting and a new customer right now… what happens when it is not the menu that is wrong but the coupon? Do you honor it or upset a possible new or repeat customer? This could end up costing you significant money and customers if let go. I would really track down who did this and put a stop asap. - Michael

I just wanted to add… recently I noticed two local (non-pizza) restaurants that have signs that say they no longer accept internet printed coupons anymore. I guess this could be part of the reasoning. The more I think of this the more I think it is a website trying to lure in business to use their site by basically stealing you coupon deals and putting your info up before you knew it. Kind of a catch and bait…or bait and catch maybe. Either way just a poor way of doing business.

What is the website?